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The 9A-91 is one of the world’s smallest rifles. Made in Russia it is lightweight and can be used for fast combat deployment.
- Weapon description

9A-91 is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


9A-91 has a small yet compact design, allowing it to fire very fast along with high accuracy. Besides that, this weapon is also lightweight and has fast drawing / reloading time. The only downsize is that 9A-91 has a small magazine capacity (20 rounds, plus 60 in reverse), so it can easily runs dry.


  • Very fast rate of fire.
  • High accuracy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low to medium recoil.
  • Moderate damage dealing.
  • Very fast reloading speed.


  • Low amount of ammunition per magazine.
  • Easily to run dry.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Español
  • CF South Korea



  • The VSK-94 is a sniper rifle that based from this weapon.
    • Ironically, the VSK-94 has the wrong ejection port that placed on the left side of the weapon. Meanwhile, the 9A-91 has the correct ejection port place.
  • It shares same firing sound as MP5 & HK416C.
  • In CF Vietnam and CF Russia, 9A-91 is one of the few banned weapons in public match - more often than not, the whole room will try to kick any 9A-91 users if they pull off a few kill streaks.
  • This gun is the most hated gun in the entire Crossfire Brazil community.
  • In CFPH, this weapon can be considered as a high amount of ammunition per magazine (20/120) and as a temporary weapon in Item Shop (eCoin).
    • Same with CFVN and CFRU, it is the most hated gun in Crossfire Philippines, just like Steyr TMP.
    • Players hate 9A-91 to borrow it after getting killed by the said enemy in CFPH. It can be explained as an eCoin weapon.


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