AI Bot Mode is a simulation mode which allows player to play with AI-Bot (Artificial Intelligence).


AI Bot Mode works exactly the same with its PvP counterpart, but players will face off against Bot players instead of real players. This mode is developed to help training players' skill (marksmanship, reaction and quick-hand) and it's the other way to help players can test weapons in some CF version has low CCU (Concurrent Users).

AI Bot has 5 difficult level to choose: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard. Harder level means bots will have faster reaction, better accuracy and better equipment.

There are 2 options for Bot Mode:

  • Single Match: Player will play with bot alone, other player cant find the room for joining in, and the result wont be calculated for account like EXP, GP, kills,... And in this option, Ping is always 0, mean you can have full experience without worry about internet speed when you're playing CrossFire not in your country.
  • Normal Match: It's a normal room, allows other players can find and join in, and the result is calculated for EXP and GP (not available for kills) but EXP/GP index is gained at very low level. And Ping is based on internet speed and CrossFire server areas.

Mode Availability


  • This mode was first released in CF Korea, the hometown of CrossFire.
  • All bots are named "Soldier-xx" with xx being random numbers.
  • In CFNA, all the bots have real life random names including GM and MOD names.


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