AK-74 is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


The AK-74 is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s, by Russian designer Mikhail Kalashnikov as the replacement for the earlier AKM.

This weapon features several important design improvements, that were primarily the result of converting the rifle to the intermediate-caliber high velocity 5.45×39mm cartridge.


This weapon can be considered as an alternative for rookie players who wanted a similar rifle like the AK-47. This weapon is much easier to control, but because of the reduced recoil, it deals lower damage and slightly slower firespeed than the AK-47 (Except CF Vietnam).

This weapon can hold up to 30 rounds per magazine.


  • Moderate damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium recoil.
  • Purchasable in item shop for GPs.
  • Faster firing speed than the AK-47 (VN).


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Slower firing speed than the AK-47.
  • Very loud firing sound.
  • Bad spraying pattern.




  • The AK-74 is the one of few weapons that receive the new animations.
    • But only some regions that update receive the new animations.
  • The gas-block of the AK-74's model was from the AK-47, not from the AK-74.
  • This is the only GP AK variants that have official stats in CF Vietnam.

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