AK12 Iron Spider is a VVIP assault rifle variant of AK12 featured in CrossFire.


This weapon takes after the AK12 Silencer, but has been given a metallic skin with blue lights, akin to those Transformer weapons. It's also been modified with a mounted knife and the charging handle moved to the front underneath the barrel. Comes with 37 rounds mag (+2) and 111 in reverse.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil

VVIP Effects

  • Weapon copycat
    • After getting killed by the enemy, players can press F to switch to said enemy's weapon upon next round or respawn. Weapons with special function (Dual Wield, Fast Draw, Variable Scope...) will be fully functional. This effect lasts until players get killed again and can be used 3 times per match. Unavailable in Ghost / Shadow Mode, Mutation Mode + variants and Zombie Mode.
  • Distance Check
    • ​By pointing the crosshair to a location and hold 1, a Distance Mark will appear telling players the distance from their position to said mark. It will disappear within about five seconds. The maximum distance checkable is 100m, although when a mark is placed and players back away, it will still update the distance over 100m. In team-based mode, all teammates can see this marker as well, so it can be used to alert everyone about suspicious point / enemy ambushes.
  • +2 ammo for all equipped Assault Rifle
  • 200% EXP bonus (owner)
  • 30% EXP bonus (everyone)
  • 20% GP bonus (everyone)



  • This is the very first VVIP that's unique to its original counterpart in terms of design and thus comes with a complete unique animation set. It's also the first silenced weapon with functional bayonet (The one on M4A1-S VIPs doesn't function).
  • The main color of AK12 Iron Spider is blue, yet when reloading it changes to red. When the reloading process is interrupted by Knife-stabbing action, the color will change to purple for a while then back to blue.


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