AK12-Urban is a modified assault rifle variant of AK12 featured in CrossFire.


AK12-Urban sports a new urban camo skin that helps it blend in with urban environment. The biggest improvement in this variant is that it comes with an under-barrel shotgun that capable of single-shooting a shell in emergency situations.

This makes AK12-Urban very dangerous in all range, as it has good firepower and accuracy for mid to long range battle and the backup shotgun gives it advantage in cramped space / CQB. Comes with 35-round magazine (105 in reserve) plus 9 shotgun shells.


  • High damage dealing.
  • High damage dealing on shotgun attachment
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium rate of fire.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Requires reload after each shot on shotgun attachment.
  • Loud firing sound (less louder than AK47).
  • High recoil (more stable than AK47).
  • Bad spraying pattern.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan
  • CF Español
  • CF Philippines


  • The underbarrel shotgun uses the TX-12 Special Task Weapon shotgun.
  • Unusually, shotgun shells in this gun are considered Assault Rifle ammo and gets ammo buff from Rifle ammo mag instead of Shotgun ammo mag.



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