"Thanks to its low cost, simple design, and rugged quality the AK47 is used by many nations. However, its strong recoil makes it difficult to control."
- Weapon description

AK47 is an assault rifle featured in CrossFire.


The AK47 has high accuracy, high damage dealing, and medium rate of fire. So it makes this weapon is excellent and reliable in any combat situation.

Despite it's high damage and accuracy, this weapon suffers high recoil and produces very loud sound.

This weapon can hold up to 30 rounds per magazine.


  • High damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Medium rate of fire.


  • Loses accuracy when sprayed.
  • High recoil.
  • Very loud firing sound.
  • Bad spraying pattern.


Available in all CrossFire versions.

Tips and Tactics

  • Learn to control the spray pattern.
    Because this gun can deal a great amount of damage at short to mid range as long as players can spray properly.
  • Rushing and camping can be effective strategies.
    Thanks to the AK47's ability to be used as a spray weapon, it is generally far more effective with single-shoting.
  • It is recommended for skilled or experienced players.
    Because most of them are able to utilize the AK-47 effectively.
  • Perform quick switch (by pressing Q)
    When the recoil is too high and the accuracy loses do the quick switch, and then the crosshair size will be normal again. But be careful, switching weapon requires some time.


AK47 Knife is a modification of AK47 with an attached bayonet beneath the barrel for close combat.

AK47 Scope is a modification of AK47 with an attached red dot sight for optical zoom.

AK47 Silencer is a modification of AK47 which fitted with a silencer for stealth combat.


  • There is a Soviet Union symbol which is engraved near the pistol grip of the old model of AK47.
    • Meanwhile, there are three skulls engraved on the new model of AK47. It is easily seen on AK47 Silencer.
    • Also, there are many weird gibberish that can be found on the new model of AK47.
  • The old AK47 is one of the few weapons that receives the new animations.
    • However, CF China and CF Philippines didn't update the animation for some reasons, instead they use the new animation for a few variants like the tournament variants of AK47.
    • Actually, CF Philippines is the only version that still have the old "original" AK47 animation and model, as the one in CF China is now actually same with AK47-Balance, which in fact still have the old animation but with some small fixes on the characters' HUD and added the previously missing cocking handle.
  • This gun is very popular in many official CrossFire tournaments alongside the M4A1. Most attackers and back-up players choose it for firepower and accuracy.
  • This weapon can be found scattered around the area of many Elimination maps (Alaska, Crossroad, etc).
  • CF Vietnam is currently the only version that nerfed AK47 with higher spray pattern and slow firing rate. Only a few of these AK47s that still remain with its original stats, including AK47-Phoenix (temporary version), and all scoped and tournament variants. AK47 VIPs are also treated with the same, but their stats is still superior than the other nerfed variants.
    • In CF Japan, AK47 was also got nerfed with higher spray pattern and slow firing rate.
  • This gun have a slightly different firing sound in CF Indonesia and CF Philippines (except VVIP variants, which uses normal AK47 sound in CF Philippines while it uses exclusive firing sound in CF Indonesia).
    • This firing sound was also used in CF Vietnam, as it can be seen in some older clips, but it was changed later.



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