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Rifle AK47-Beast-A-



Assault Rifle



Obtained by
Cash Points

??? RC (Fury)

2,390 Vcoin (Fury)
1,890 Vcoin (Beast)

112,500 Koin ([A] Variant)
90,000 Koin ([B] Variant)
90,000 Koin ([C] Variant)

North America
125,000 ZP (Fury)
100,000 ZP (Beast)

150,000 RP (Red Eye)
120,000 RP (Beast Eye)

140,000 ZP (Flames)
114,000 ZP (Chrome)

2,400 EC (Fury)
1,900 EC (Beast)

Fire Mode




Secondary fire / Modes


The AK47-Beast is a variant of the AK47-Knife. It has an exclusive skin of the AK-47. It has an animal/beast styled on each side of the weapon. This weapon is considered one of the most excellent rifle for any purposes, since it delivers very high damage dealing (more than Ruger MINI-14) and has a higher rate of accuracy compared to any other variant of the AK-47 series. On the other hand, it still has the well-known AK-recoil - however the recoil has been decreased. Other advantages are it's fast stabbing knife and its fast reload speed.

In Indonesia, this gun is classed as an overpowered weapon. This weapon is currently available in most CF versions, excluding Taiwan, SEA and Korea.

Variants (most versions)

  • Fury (or Beast Red Eye) (with red glowing eyes): Features a 200% EXP bonus for the owner and a 30% EXP/20% GP bonus for every player in the current room, plus a kill/death save option.
  • Beast  (or Beast Eye) (normal variant without red glowing eyes): Features a 200% EXP bonus for the owner and a 20% EXP bonus for every player in the current room.

Variants (Indonesia only)

  • [A] Variant : Kill/Death Save Option.
  • [B] Variant : 200% EXP bonus
  • [C] Variant : 200% GP bonus


  • Because of its placement, the Red Eye effect can only be seen with the right-hand option selected.
  • The 'AK47-Beast', which features the glowing eyes, kill/death save option, and the 200% EXP in most versions, is different in CF Indonesia: any version of this gun only has one feature: the kill/death save option. Other features also sold separately. This makes the Indonesian version the only version that has three variants of AK47-Beast.
  • This is the only VVIP item that was originally from CF Indonesia. All subsequent VVIP weapons are created by Tencent, using this gun as template.
  • The Indonesian version has the cheapest AK47-Beast price, compared to other verions: less than $30.
  • In CF Vietnam, this weapon was first released with an overpriced price of 3800 Vcoin (Fury) and 2900 Vcoin (Beast). Despite VTC's efforts to try to boost the sale, the community simply couldn't afford it and thus only some rich players ever managed to get one. Because of this, the AK47 Beast's price has dropped after the July patch, and it now features the price from the promotional variant. Everyone who already bought the promotional variant did not have to pay the full price anymore.
  • Only the Japanese version have an ability to get AK47-Beast from the Capsule Shop, but the Red Knight (Fury) variant is still available in the VVIP mall.



Weapon Damage [1]
Without Armor With Armor
Head 100 100
Chest 33 27
Stomach 40 32
Hand 34 33
Knee 23 23
Foot 23 23
Other Statistics[2]
Reload Time 1.20 Seconds
Rate Of Fire 10.9 Rounds Per Second


CrossFire - AK-47 Fury VVIP - Weapon Gameplay(02:57)
AK47 Beast Gameplay
RonBWLAdded by RonBWL

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