AK47-Russia is a patriotic variant of the AK47 featured in CrossFire.


AK47-Russia (AK47-Defender in CF RU) has the Russia Federation's flag painted to the gun to encourage Russian patriotism. It is fed with 7.62x39mm cartridges and it is able to hold 35 rounds (+5) per magazine. The accuracy has been increased slightly. There is no other statistical differences with the original weapon.


  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea
  • CF North America


  • In CF Russia, this gun comes bundled with RPK-Russia in limited Defender Capsule which appears every year on February 23rd. It's quite rare because the crate is only available for a short period of time each year, thus not many players could win it.



AK47 Defender Russia Gameplay04:08

AK47 Defender Russia Gameplay

AK47 Defender / Russia Gameplay

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