AK47-S Red Lacquerware is an assault rifle variant of the AK47-Silencer.


This gun features a black skin with gold stripe decoration on the silencer, magazine and buttstock, with pink dragon painted along the body. It has 38 rounds magazine (+8) with 114 in reverse, largest among all AK-47 Silencer in CF Vietnam and on pair with AK47-Knife Ultimate Gold. This gun also have fast draw/reload time, like AK47-Knife Flying Dragon.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Russia
  • CF Spain
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Europe
  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • ​CF North America


  • After the 2.0 update in CF Vietnam, coding error caused this gun to become a "disconnect tool" for all players owning it - if they equip the gun and enter a room, everyone will be kicked back to lobby as soon as the next round start. It was fixed in a mini-patch 2 days after the glitch got reported.
  • Weird enough, AK-47-S-BD in CF China has much lower ammo than other AK-47-Silencers by having only 32 rounds.



CrossFire - AK47-S Black Dragon - Weapon Gameplay08:30

CrossFire - AK47-S Black Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

AK47-S Black Dragon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam - AK47-S-Black Dragon -Review- !04:56

CrossFire Vietnam - AK47-S-Black Dragon -Review- !

AK47-S Black Dragon Review

CrossFire Vietnam AK-47-S Black Dragon ☆03:12

CrossFire Vietnam AK-47-S Black Dragon ☆

AK47-S Black Dragon Montage

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