AK47-Scope Black Stripes is an assault rifle variant of the AK47 Scope.


This gun has the exact same ammo capacity and optical zoom scope as the AK47 Scope, although with a different skin. It has the best wallbang damage, making it very useful to take down opponents hiding behind penetrable objects.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Russia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America


  • CF Vietnam named this gun AK47-BS, which many people think it stands for "Black Scope". The name Black Scope is actually refer to the AK47 Scope since that gun was the first to have black skin and scope.
    • It was confirmed on CFVN fanpage that this gun is called AK47-Black Scope.
  • In CF Vietnam, there are two separate variant of the AK47-Scope BS, one for the original Great Lucky capsule and one for the newer Great Lucky Capsule. It can be observed when viewing from the list of Black Market Rifle on certain events that allow players to pick their prize.
  • In some other CF versions, this gun is called with full name.
  • In Indonesia, there is a mistaken item description which refers to the AK47-Knife BS's description.
  • In CF Philippines this gun is named Elite AK47-LE where LE stands for Limited Edition and has full wallbang damage.
    • Despite the fact it is named AK47 Limited Edition in CF Philippines, It is still available in CF Philippines for almost 5 years.
    • After the introduction of the New Black Market system, this gun is finally removed and is now obtainable as a junkie prize in most Mega Lotto capsules.


CrossFire - AK-47 Scope BS - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AK-47 Scope BS - Weapon Gameplay

AK-47 Scope BS gameplay