AK47 Scope is the first AK47 variant to have optical zoom scope installed, along with metal buttstock.


It also comes with black skin with red stripes much like the design of the Winchester Scope (red stripes like a flower). The design of the AK47-Scope and the Winchester Scope was also known as the "Red Devil" (or "Red Demon" Known In CF-CH). It has 35 rounds magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy. AK47 Scope is also one of the "fastest" AK47 out there (in terms of fire rate), but it's reload speed does remain the same as all the other AK47.



  • This gun is called Elite AK47 in CrossFire Philippines (with Elite M4A1).



CrossFire - AK-47 Scope - Weapon Gameplay03:46

CrossFire - AK-47 Scope - Weapon Gameplay

AK47 Scope Gameplay

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