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AT-15 Afghan / Desert Camo

Assault Rifle

Obtained by

Item Shop, Black Market

Acquision via
Cash Points

8 vcoin/crate (VN)

Magazine Size


Fire Mode



5.56x45mm NATO


AT-15 Afghan is a new Assault Rifle available in CrossFire Japan, China, Russia, Vietnam, South East Asia, North America and Indonesia. In other versions, this gun is known as the AT-AR-15 .  This gun is like a camo version of the LR300 ML, with brown-yellow colour. Like the LR300 ML, it has surprisingly good accuracy,ultra-fast drawing speed, decent firepower and very fast reloading, but retains the classic 30 rounds magazine, along with a unique firing sound; It's a must buy.

It can be compared to the M4A1-S Patriot , With and 0.1 sec difference between the reloading times and the amazing stablity to stay on target while you are stationary. But headshooting from far distance requires more downwards 'flick' to maintain on target.

In CF China, this gun can be obtained via Item Shop. CF Russia, CF Vietnam, and CF NA offers the AT-15 Afghan in the Black Market aswell. In CrossFire Europe, this weapon can be obtained from the Capsule Shop.

AT-15's Share's the Reloading Animation of LR300 ML and CM901.


AT-15 Halloween
AT-15 Halloween


  • There is no really a "AT-15 Afghan" Assault Rifle in real life. In Fact, It jus a standard M4A!-Carbine with P-mag,Tan Rail Covers,Magpul CTR-Stock,MIAD Grip and a different silencer/supressor. I think, The CF Developers give the term.
  • This gun looks very similar to the newest rifle, the R5 RGP in term of design and skin color.


AT15-Afghan Render
【クロスファイア】2012 11 28実装『AT-15 Afghan』【CrosssFire】01:07

【クロスファイア】2012 11 28実装『AT-15 Afghan』【CrosssFire】

AT-15 Afghan Review

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