AWM-Invictus is a sniper rifle variant of the AWM featured in CrossFire.


The skin of this weapon features white, red and black color scheme on its body. Unlike the Desert Eagle-Canadian however, AWM Invictus doesn't feature ammo cap upgrade, it has the basic 5 rounds capacity (30 in reverse).


  • High damage dealing
  • Very high accuracy


  • Low magazine capacity (Standard AWM magazine capacity)
  • Long reload time
  • Mediocre bolt-cycling time
  • Heavyweight


AWM-Invictus is a skin designed by community member: -QueeN* from CrossFire North America, as part of the Show Your Skin contest.


  • CF North America
  • No other versions yet.


  • It is the third user-made skin in the game, following the M66-Gold Carving & Desert Eagle-Canadian.
    • It's also the first user-made primary weapon, as the both previous two are pistol.
  • This is the second of three weapons from the Show Your Skin contest to be added onto the game. It was followed by the M14 EBR-Prime later on.
  • This skin has been fitted onto the new AWM-A model (with a longer scope and folded down bipod) rather than the classic AWM model.
  • The creator of this skin took inspiration from the AWP-Asiimov from CS:GO.
  • Due to its value as a community-made item, the price per crate for this gun is significantly more expensive than other GP crates in CF North America (5000 vs. 2000).


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