AWM-Red Dragon is a sniper rifle variant of the AWM.


This variant features a dragon skin instead of the normal olive green colour. It comes with a 15-round magazine (+5) and a slightly faster bolt cycling time.


Available in all CF versions.


  • This is a one of the two Red Dragon primary weapons that still available in Black Market in CF Vietnam (Others being Barrett M82A1 Red Dragon). The AK47-Scope Red Dragon, M4A1-S Red DragonSCAR-Light Red DragonPSG-1 Red Dragon and Steyr AUG A1-Red Dragon have been removed from Black Market.
  • AWM Red Dragon has the longest weapon description in CF Vietnam.
  • In some CF servers, the AWM Red Dragon features Fast Reload ability, specially mentioned on the Item Icon in player's storage. This is the only known weapon to have Fast Reload advertised directly like that.
  • In CF PH, this weapon is re-updated and released again after being removed in the Mega Lotto and changed the name from Dragon AWM to AWM Red Dragon. It is bundled with Steyr AUG A1-Red Dragon for a limited time only before disappearing permanently in the Black Market/Mega Lotto.



CrossFire - AWM Red Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AWM Red Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

AWM-Red Dragon in Ghost Mode Crossfire VietNam-0

AWM-Red Dragon in Ghost Mode Crossfire VietNam-0

CrossFire Vietnam 2

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 AWM-Red Dragon ☆