AWM-Red Frame Hawk is a VVIP sniper rifle variant of AWM.


The AWM features red metal design which looks similar to Barrett M82A1-Iron Shark, along with the green light effect around the weapon; however, the light is still the same with firing. Uniquely, this weapon shares the similar HUD with any AWM-A variant, like the Chroma one. It also has the unique scope texture like any VVIP Sniper Rifles. In terms of stats, this AWM variant is more or less the same with AWM-Infernal Dragon, including the drawing, reloading and the bolt-cycling speed.

Aside from the usual VVIP perks that's shared with AWM-ID, this gun is also categorized as an Anti-Zombie Sniper Rifle and it behaves like the Knight SR-25 Burning Shot in Zombie Mode, as the crosshair shows to let players fire the gun no-scope freely. It deals more damage toward zombies and is capable of slowing down zombies when hit, but due to the bolt-action nature, no ammo boost and no Charge feature, this severely limits the AWM-RFH in Zombie Mode.


  • CF China

VVIP Features

  • +2 ammo for all Sniper Rifles.
  • Increased damage dealing against mutants in Mutation Mode.
  • Stunning effect against mutants in Mutation Mode.