AWM-VTC is an exclusive sniper rifle variant of AWM and one of the weapons in the collection of VTC Games, and this weapon likely compered to skin of M4A1-S VTC.


It features a strong red color with yellow-orange designs around its body.

This gun is only obtainable in CF Vietnam during certain events. It used to be Best Buy's exclusive merchandise, but no longer available after the webmall was closed down.


  • CF Vietnam
  • Not available elsewhere.


  • The scope screen on the gun model is re-used from AWM-Red Dragon, with the dragon eye can be seen on it.



CrossFire - AWM VTC - Weapon Gameplay04:44

CrossFire - AWM VTC - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam - AWM-VTC ☆03:19

CrossFire Vietnam - AWM-VTC ☆

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