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Accessory System is an extra system for special costume items featured in CrossFire.


Players can buy rings and wear them on character's left hand (index and pointer fingers). All rings come with some default perks, and some additional perks can be unlocked by enhancing the rings (Similar to card enhancing in Wave Mode).

Exclusively in CF China, the rings will show up on player characters' hand (left or right, depends on their setting).


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF Europe
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Japan

Featured Items

Image Description
FuryDragon Ring Fury Dragon
RoyalDragon Ring Royal Dragon
Snake Ring Snake Ring
8th Ring 8th Anniversary Ring

Default Effects

There are three default effects depends on which rings player bought. They can be enabled / disabled individually:

  • Attack Indication: Display hitmarks upon successful hit against enemy players
  • Threat Detection: Player that hits and kills you will glow red for easier identification for revenge
  • HP / Ammo HUD: Display HP / ammo counter around the crosshair.

Additional Effects

Each ring will have three additional effects upon purchasing, chosen randomly from five available:

  • EXP Bonus
  • GP Bonus
  • Extended Combo Time
  • HP Recover (ZM/DM): Recover HPs upon success hit against zombies (Like Critical Hits)
  • Damage Reflect (ZM/DM): Damages inflicted by zombies have a chance to reflect back

Each of these perks is available in 1 to 5 stars grade - the higher they are, the better the perks will be:

Grades EXP Bonus GP Bonus Extended Combo time HP Recover Damage Reflect
IconGrade5 4% 4% +0.3s 1 2%
IconGrade4 8% 8% +0.4~0.5s 2 4%
IconGrade3 12% 12% +0.6~0.7s 3 6%
IconGrade2 16% 16% +0.8~0.9s 4 8%
IconGrade1 20% 20% +1s 5 10%

Players are able to exchange these effects individually, either by spending 5000 GP (once a week, get one effect), or using the Ring Effect Swap Tickets. There are two options when using tickets, one at a time or 10 in-a-row (with an added bonus, making it 11). Regardless of options, if players are satisfied with the new effect, they can replace it with the old one, or keep the old one should all the new effects are not worth keeping. It's possible to add 3 same effects, so by crafting individual rings with that in mind, players can buff up the effect significally depending on their playstyle (i.e one ring dedicated for combo time and another dedicated for HP recovery in Zombie Mode).


  • This feature has been in testing stage for a long time in CF China, and finally after almost 1 year, it has been released in other servers starting with CF Vietnam. Due to the system not bug-free yet, SmileGate decided to revamp it and turn the rings into a functional Item - it will have the perks properly, but players are not able to wear them on any characters and thus it won't show up in the HUD at all.
  • Recently, CF NA and PH added the Threat Detection perk as part of VVIP perks for the BC-Axe Beast. Probably in the future, if the Ring System can't be released worldwide, their perks will be implemented on new VVIP weapons to make them more valuable.
  • As of its release in CFPH, many players are complaining why can't they see the rings equipped in their character's hands, making them think it's a bug but unbeknownst to them that the said feature is only available in CF China.



CrossFire VN - Accessory System02:25

CrossFire VN - Accessory System

CrossFireFanWork by -TTL Sh0GuN Crossfire NA - Accessory Shop Full Guide04:38

CrossFireFanWork by -TTL Sh0GuN Crossfire NA - Accessory Shop Full Guide

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