Airstrike PickUp

Airstrike in Devastated City

Airstrike is a special weapon available only in Wave Mode and Challenge Mode (Devastated City map). When triggered, a wave of jet fighters will fly across the map and deploy numerous AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, causing massive damage to anything caught in the blast radius.

Wave Mode

Airstrike is available for both team in order to stop the others on their track. When issued, all players are given 10 seconds to open the map and select an area to be attacked. It's powerful enough to wipe out players at any level, and only Juggernaut can withstand it using his suit.

Snow Base

In Snow Base, Airstrike becomes available after killing 40 enemy NPCs. A voice command will alert all present players, and they must press V to use Airstrike within 10 seconds before the bar resets.

Sand Storm

Airstrike is more limited in Sand Storm and now available as Supply crates. Once a team captures the Laptop item, they are able to press V and call Airstrike.

Challenge Mode

Airstrike is available during the final round in Devastated City as a powerup to help draining Atlas' HP. During the first Special drop, an Airstrike Call pickup is available, and whoever picks it up will trigger the Airstrike, which damages Atlas and gives 8888 bonus points.


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