Anaconda-Black is a pistol variant of Anaconda in CrossFire


The Anaconda-Black doesn't have any big differences with it's basic variant (Anaconda). This variant of Anaconda have a black paint job into it's body, and brown grip. It still features an excellent accuracy, slightly higher damage than basic Anaconda, fast reloading speed, higher capacity magazine, but still low firing speed. It able to kill the target with 2-3 shots in the body.


  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan


  • Only some versions of Crossfire that have the Anaconda-Black variant with extra ammo.
  • In CF Vietnam, this gun was added to serve as replacement for lower ranking players to play with, as the normal Anaconda requires Lieutenant 2nd rank to be able to purchase and it's quite expensive (48.000 GP). For balancing purpose, Anaconda Black doesn't get ammo boost here as it's an Item Shop, but it retains the 10% damage boost (61 vs 56), giving players more reason to rent it.
  • In CFPH, it is the very first weapon available in GP Black Market/Mega Lotto.



CrossFire - Anaconda Adv - Weapon Gameplay08:23

CrossFire - Anaconda Adv - Weapon Gameplay

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