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BC-Axe Rose (also known as BC-Axe Valentine) is a variant of the Black Carbon Axe.


It features a rose flower texture on it. Its design is closely related to the Lotus Axe variant.


  • CF China:event item.
  • CF Europe: obtainable for 30 days when preordering the M4A1-S Transformers.
  • CF Indonesia: obtainable via Rose Lady Set.
  • CF North America: previously available as limited-time ZP crate; event crates.
  • CF Vietnam: obtainable temporarily in the Item Shop and AI Ticket System.
  • CF Philippines: obtainable for 20 ecoins 7 days, 50 ecoins 30 days.
  • CF Brazil: obtainable for 30 days when preordering the RPK/AWM Infernal Dragon.



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