BC-Axe VN is a melee variant of the Black Carbon Axe.


As its name suggests, this weapon features golden skin and many textures that can be found on the Dong Son bronze drum , the historical drum from northern Vietnam. It has the same stats with BC-Axe Gold, with longer attacking range and lighter weight than the normal Axe.

  • Exclusive to CF Vietnam, this weapon has a VTC mark on the blade.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil


  • This weapon has a different sound with all variants of BC-Axe but same with Field Shovel-Born Beast, Field Shovel-Born Beast Noble Gold, Nano Hook and Nano Hook-Devil.
  • After released in CF Vietnam, some countries have sent requirement to SmileGate to update it in their servers. Finally, in January 2015, VTC accepted for other CF variant to added.
  • This is the first weapon to be introduced in CF Philippines' Mini Lotto.
    • After its release in CF Philippines, there's a bug on every spin as you can see 3 BC-Axe Tomahawk, it's still possible to win the item.



Cross Fire Soccer Mode (GamePlay)-0

Cross Fire Soccer Mode (GamePlay)-0

CrossFire Vietnam - B

CrossFire Vietnam - B.C Axe-Bronze Drum ☆

CrossFire VN - BC-Axe Bronze Drum Rìu Trống Đồng

CrossFire VN - BC-Axe Bronze Drum Rìu Trống Đồng

BC-Axe Bronze Drum Gameplay

Cross Fire VietNam -- B

Cross Fire VietNam -- B.C Axe-Bronze Drum (Rìu Trống Đồng) -Review-!