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Bargain Coupon System (a.k.a. Promotional Coupon) is a system available in CrossFire.


By obtaining Bargain Coupon item, players can trade it for exclusive weapons with good discount. The Coupon cannot be bought in the Item Shop, it's only obtainable via publishers' event

Bargain Coupon can be found inside players' storage after acquiring them. Clicking "Use" button will display a Buy Menu which allows players to choose exclusive prize to buy. Once bought, the weapon will be available in the storage and the Coupon will disappear. Players can then renew the weapon's rent time with normal price - if the weapon disappears, it's impossible to regain it without the use of another Bargain Coupon.


  • CF Russia
  • CF North America
  • CF Europe
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines


  • At this moment the only weapon which is available to buy via Bargain Coupon System is M14 EBR-Red Crystal.
  • The system was planned to be updated in CF Vietnam at July 2013 patch but it was cancelled for unknown reason. Data files still exists in the game client.



CF M14-EBR-Red Crystal 1 ZP Event

CF M14-EBR-Red Crystal 1 ZP Event