Barrett M82A1 is an anti-materiel, bolt-action sniper rifle featured in CrossFire.


The Barrett M82A1 fires .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG) or 12.7×99mm NATO Anti-Materiel ammunition, a very powerful ammunition caliber. It is one of the few sniper rifles that can 1-hit kill anywhere on the body with full wallbang damage. However, this gun is very heavy and takes a long time to cycle the bolt, making it less effective than regular sniper rifles for more mobile snipers in TDM/FFA match.

In CF China and CF Vietnam, the Barrett M82A1 doubles as anti-mutant sniper rifle, capable of scoring 300-500 damages against mutants (In classic MM).


  • Extremely high damage for a sniper rifle.
  • Full wallbang.
  • Very powerful in MM/HM/HMX/MKM (CF China, CF Vietnam only and CF Philippines).
  • Very powerful in Wave Mode (CF China and CF Vietnam only).
  • Very powerful in Challenge Mode (CF China and CF Vietnam only).
  • Highly accurate at any range (when scoping).
  • High magazine capacity for a sniper rifle.
  • Short drawing time (some versions only).
  • Very short reload time (some versions only).


  • Extremely heavy for a sniper rifle.
  • Long bolt cycling time.
  • Low damage in MM/HM/HMX/MKM (almost no difference with AWM; all versions except CF China , CF Vietnam and CF Philippines).
  • Low damage in Wave Mode (almost no difference with AWM; all versions except CF China and CF Vietnam).
  • Low damage in Challenge Mode/Zombie Mode (almost no difference with AWM) (all versions except CF China and CF Vietnam).
  • Long drawing time (some versions only).
  • Long reload time (some versions only).
  • Only obtainable by Cash Points.

Version Differences


M82A1-ROYALDRAGON4 Sniper BarrettM82A1-BornBeast M82A1 BornBeast NobleGold
Ancient Dragon Born Beast VIP Born Beast Noble Gold
Barrett-M82A1 Royal3 M82A1 GoldPhoenix M82A1 RoyalDragon5
Flying Dragon Gold Phoenix Immortal Dragon
M82A1-IronShark M82A1 IronShark NobleGold Sniper Barrett M82A1-LD
Iron Shark VIP Iron Shark Noble Gold Legend Dragon
M82A1 OctagonCamo M82a1 Peony Sniper BARRETT M82A1-RD
Octagon Camo Peony Red Dragon
M82A1-RoyalDragon M82A1-UltimateGold M82A1 UltimateGoldsmith
Royal Dragon Ultimate Gold Ultimate Goldsmith
M82A1 RoyalDragon UGS
F.D. Ultimate Goldsmith




CrossFire PH- Barrett M82A1 Gameplay10:01

CrossFire PH- Barrett M82A1 Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam 204:04

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 - Barrett ☆

CrossFire - Barrett M82A1 - Weapon Gameplay06:27

CrossFire - Barrett M82A1 - Weapon Gameplay

Cross Fire China -- Barrett M82A1 -Review-!01:57

Cross Fire China -- Barrett M82A1 -Review-!

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