Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon is a sniper rifle variant of the Barrett M82A1.


In addition to the texture, the Barrett Royal-Dragon is slightly lighter and has slightly faster bolt cycling time, although it does not have an increased ammunition count, unlike the Red Dragon variant. All in all, this gun is perfect and it's a must-have for collectors.


  • CF China
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF North America
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea


  • This weapon is one of the two Barrett variants in CF Vietnam that is properly named Barrett M82A1 (Royal-D), the other being Barrett M82A1-Ancient Dragon. The classic and Flying Dragon variants are called Barrett M99, while Legend Dragon and Red Dragon variant are simply called Barrett-Legend Dragon & Barrett Red Dragon. Similarly, the Born Beast variant was named M82A1-S BB, making it sit separately from other Barretts in players' storage. The Peony and Ultimate Goldsmith variants are simply called M82A1, sit along with the Born Beast one.
    • Funny enough, the texture file for Barrett Royal-D is actually called Barrett M99 Royal Dragon. This error is duplicated to the Legend Dragon variant as well.
  • Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon is the second hardest to obtain in CF Vietnam (behind Barrett-Red Dragon) because its winning rate is extremely low - some collectors claimed that they had opened nearly 1000 crates in a row and still didn't win it. Crates for this gun is still offered as event prizes nowadays due to its rarity, although recently VTC has been offering a lot of "spend x vcoin receive free BM gun", allowing rich players to score a sure-win chance to get this gun.
    • Recently, there is an event that you can obtain this gun permanently by spending 329 Vcoin (along with DE Scope-Flying Dragon by spending 189 Vcoin and AA-12-Buster by spending 269 Vcoin) from 28/6 to 3/7/2017, which is very cheap.
  • In Indonesian Crossfire, Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon is a secondary prize from "3rd Year Anniversary Capsule Pack", and the BEST item is M4A1-Royal Dragon.
  • In CF Indonesia , there is a glitch that change Barrett M82A1 Royal Dragon model into the Red Dragon one and the weapon name still appears.
  • In CF NA, Barrett M82A1-Royal Dragon was the only Barrett to have done normal damage (1000 to body) in Hero Mode X. The reasons for this implantation is unknown, but is most likely for experimental purposes and limited edition reasons.
  • This is the first Barrett variant to come in CFPH.
    • Also in CFPH, this weapon is incorrectly named as Barret-Royal Dragon (missing the extra "t" in the Barrett word)



CrossFire - Barrett M82A1 Royal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay04:29

CrossFire - Barrett M82A1 Royal Dragon - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Barrett-M82A1 Royal Dragon Comparison01:22

CrossFire Barrett-M82A1 Royal Dragon Comparison

CrossFire Vietnam Barrett-Royal Dragon ☆04:03

CrossFire Vietnam Barrett-Royal Dragon ☆

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