Battle Royale
Battle Royale is a last man/team standing type game mode that throws many soldiers into large battlefields where they scavenge weapons for their survival. It introduces new game-play mechanics for the game, but mostly standard for battle royale games in general.


  • CF China: Survival Mode
  • CF Vietnam: Survival Mode
  • CF Philippines: Battle Royale (Soon)


This mode is basically a large-scale version of Free for All (Solo) and Team Deathmatch (Duo/Squad), players will be thrown into a large battlefield with only their Fist and Furious Kick as Melee weapon, and they must run around acquiring weapons, equipment to survive and battle it out. An Electric Ring will appear at the start of the round and shrink down after a set period of time, restricting play field and damaging players outside of its radius. Also marked on the maps are the occasion Red Zone, which will eventually be attacked by Airstrike and damage/kill off any unlucky players caught within the blast.

Similar to Zombie Mode, players are able to self-heal using Food and Medkit Items, and in Team Mode, players can revive teammates. Death is permanent in Solo however.

There are three options to choose from when checking the mode's menu, these includes:

  • Solo Queue: Last Man Standing by yourself, no squads, up to forty players maximum.
  • Squad Queue: Last Squad standing, queue up with your friends against other squads.
  • Team Battle: Two teams of fifteen players trying to eliminate their opposition.

Unlike with other PvP/PvE modes, players have more controls over their character in Battle Royale. They can sprint (Shift, replacing Walk key), Crawl (Z), switch between First Person and Third Person view (V) and perform Furious Kick (E, shared with C4 Defusing key) with any characters. Looting/Interacting (Such as opening doors) is done with the F key, and the Map can be viewed by pressing M. Hold Alt while moving allows players to freely rotate the camera to see their surrounding. Vehicles can be entered/exited with F key, and players can accelerate/reverse with A/D key, using the Mouse to steer.

This is the list of weapons that can be found and used in this mode. Most of these weapons are reskinned with Volcano skin.

All players are armed with Fist and Furious Kick upon landing, and weapons must be acquired by picking them up from the ground. There are two major changes regarding weapons in Battle Royale: They must be manually picked up by pressing F near them, and all weapons will be empty upon picking up even if players already collected some ammo beforehand. ALWAYS reload when you first pick up any weapon with its ammo box nearby.

During the round, Supply Drops will provide players with better weapons and equipment, usually a Sniper Rifle with level 2 armors. These will be marked by a Parachute Icon on the Map, so all players can compete for it. Expect heavy battle near these drop zones once you approach them

Players are able to pick up other items which makes survival jobs easier (or harder). When an enemy is killed, he/she will drop all items he/she was carrying, so make sure to loot as much as you can before leaving. Items can be picked up by pressing F and they can be traded for another one of the same type with the same key.

List of Items:

  • Hats: Various cosmetic hats are scattered around the map, they serve no purpose than a decorating item. But some can hide your head's hitbox, making it harder to be hit at long distance.
  • Bulletproof Helmet: Decrease damage when getting hit in the head. Two levels.
  • Bulletproof Vest: Decrease damage when getting hit in the torso. Two levels.
  • Dumplings: Restore players' HP. Up to 5 can be carried at a time.
  • Ammo Box: Provide players ammo for their weapons. There are Rifle, Sniper Rifle, SMG, Shotgun and Pistol Ammo Box available.

  • This is obviously based on the popular genre of games by the same name, seeing it has grown ever more popular as of 2017 (with the release of PUBG specifically), leading to various clones and/or games adding battle royale as a game mode.
    • It should be noted that in this case, since Bluehole Studios (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) and Tencent are partners (they own PUBG's publishing rights in China), it was to be expected they would include it in CrossFire, as crazy as it sounds.
  • This mode explicitly forbid special characters (Such as Ranger, Commando, special variants of The Fates/Switcher/Subject Alpha and Fury Ghost) - attempting to join one with these characters will cause the game to freeze at the Loading Screen. Players must equip a standard character in order to play.
    • Also, this mode disabled all the character's items (due to the hat pickup mechanic) and skills of skilled and VVIP characters for balance reasons.
  • On its release, players cannot crawl when pressing Prone button (Z), but after one patch, it's now possible to crawl when prone.
  • First Person View (V) is not available when the character is unarmed. This is likely because Tencent didn't have time to develop all HUD models for the Fist and Furious Kick, so the action must be seen in Third Person View.
    • CrossFire Mobile addressed this issue by making one single model for Male/Female players to use in BR so only one HUD is used when using the Fist.
  • Due to the release of the second map, the limit in the amount of players which can play within this mode has increased from 30 to 50 players.



CrossFire China Battle Royale Chế độ sinh tồn 1

CrossFire China Battle Royale Chế độ sinh tồn 1

CrossFire Promotion Battle Royale (CG)

CrossFire Promotion Battle Royale (CG)

CrossFire China Battle Royale Top 1 Chế độ sinh tồn Top 1

CrossFire China Battle Royale Top 1 Chế độ sinh tồn Top 1

Battle Royale Squad 15 VS 15 (with Commentary) CROSSFIRE China 2

Battle Royale Squad 15 VS 15 (with Commentary) CROSSFIRE China 2.0

Cross Fire China Battle Royale BETA !-0

Cross Fire China Battle Royale BETA !-0