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Battleship is a new Defense Mode map set on an aircraft carrier. Soldiers' tasks are getting more difficult as this map is ruled by 3 different bosses in addition to the zombies going after the objective.


  • CF China: Dreadnought.
  • CF Vietnam: Space Battleship.
  • CF Japan: Battleship.
  • CF North America: Battleship.
  • CF Brazil: GRX Squad.
  • CF Russia: Battleship
  • CF Europe: Battleship
  • CF Espanol: Battleship


Like Shipyard, this map allows up to five players to join, three are still required to start the match. Soldiers can spend 100 GP to buy 50 credits and / or 200 GP to increase maximum credits to 120.


The map itself is a large aircraft carrier that is infested with zombies that soldiers must fend off - they mostly come from the sea or dropping down from high up, but some will emerge from the lower deck as well. The carrier has two floors: An upper one that houses a helipad (Presumably to transport GR troops here) and the lower one contains the map's objective, an Energy Lab. There are two set of slopes that lead to 2nd floor as well as one jumping pad, and two additional jumping pads that can aid soldiers' escape if the zombies box them in. Two ammo stations are provided (One on the middle of the 1st floor and one at the right side).

At Round 5, 10 and 15, a boss will appear and confront players, in addition to some of his minions that will spawn to time to attack the objective. Failing to lure the boss away will result in mass destruction against the objective, so it's advised that 5 players should spread out and cover each other, whilst distracting the minions.

After Round 14 ends, a Bonus Rounds comes up. Armed with the Lightning Rod, Soldiers must destroy as many targets as possible within 30 seconds. The three bonus perks from Shipyard returns and is applied once a certain amount of targets have been killed.


There are three bosses that confront players in this map, in order:

Bosses Images Description
Mother Crawler/Black Widow BlackWidow boss She is much smaller than the Giant Predator, but can walk around the map freely and occasionally releases her minions to go after players or the objective.
Behemoth Steel Behemoth Less threatening but still very deadly with his stomp attack, plus he has a Gatling Gun and Laser Blast, similar to Big Bear.
Reactor Behemoth Electromagnetic Behemoth Similar to his smaller counterpart but has much more health and a couple of devastating attacks that can severely damage players and/or the objective.

This map utilizes all existing tools from Shipyard, but with a new one replacing the Truck Cannon. The turret may be upgraded up to level 7, if a player has an Ultimate Gold Turret item equipped.

Tools Credits Description
Turrets 40% May be upgraded to level 7 (requires obtaining the UG item first).
Decoy 60% Can be upgraded to level 3. Also damages zombies when they get too close.
Claymore 30% / 50% Works the same like in Last Spot. It's also possible to plant 2 Claymores like in Shipyard.
Airstrikes 60% Works the same like in Shipyard.
Healing Flag 70% Same with Commander's flag, slowly heals all players' health when standing in its radius for a brief moment.
Lighting Rod 40% Grants players a Lightning Rod that can be thrown into the hordes and deal massive damage. Recommended to use against bosses.

Like in Shipyard, players earn items throughout the match based on how well they perform, and everyone get one Silver box at the end of Round 15 (Plus a Gold one for anyone that has a Gold ticket). In addition, a few old prizes can now be obtained permanently.


  • In CF Vietnam, the drop rate for all rounds are permanently set to "Low", unlike other maps that has this number on "Medium" and then "High" on later rounds.
  • By the appearance of the Trial Challenge Mode, it is safe to assume that Battleship is the last map in Defense mode.



Crossfire - Modo zumbi 228:38

Crossfire - Modo zumbi 2.0 - Esquadra GRX - 8 - SG

Chinese CrossFire - Dreadnought (Defense Mode)24:08

Chinese CrossFire - Dreadnought (Defense Mode)

CrossFire China 224:02

CrossFire China 2.0 - Dreadnought (Defense Mode)

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