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Big Head Mode is a TDM add-on in CrossFire. It's available for all selected Headshot Only maps.


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Japan
  • CF Philippines (Coming Soon)


The rule for Headshot Only mode still applies, requiring players to score Headshots to kill their opponents. However in this mode, all players will start out with their head 3x times larger than normal, making scoring Headshot much easier. Every time players get killed, their head will shrink down to make things harder for the opponents and creates a funny visual effect. The effect will reset once they finally score a kill.

Both faction now have an Energy Metter at the top of the screen, which fills up as they score kills. Once it's full, the game enter an all-out melee battle, with the attacking team using Headbutt as their weapon against defense's team still weilding their firearms. Bullets and explosion damages have been reduced to minimal during this phrase however, so it's advised that the defense team switch to their Melee to increase their chance of winning - while defense team still have to score Headshot, the offense team can score normal kills instead.


  • With the release of this mode on CFBR, a giant gamebreaking bug came together with its update at that server, making it almost impossible to play an S&D or any similar mode that you can spectate other players. Go to this forum post for details.


MONACO MuseumTD Toy-Castle Ship-2



CrossFire China 206:17

CrossFire China 2.0 Big Head Mode Casual Mode Gameplay ✔

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