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"The Nano Grenade can only be used in Mutation mode. It's more destructive than a standard fragmentation grenade and especially harms mutants."-Weapon description

Bio Grenade is special type of Grenade that deals high damage on Mutants featured in Crossfire.


Bio Grenades are only for Mutation Mode for attacking mutants because of its high massive damage. It can do 500 damage per attack for a mutant and can rack up to 1000 damage credit. It features a black skin with orange stripes at the top and at the bottom with a skull at the center.

In all CrossFire versions, Bio Grenade can be obtained by Supply Crates in varies modes or it can be purchase on the Item Shop for a specific amount of money.


  • All versions.


  • This varies on what mutant it hits, but takes a considerable amount of health out of the mutants, up to a max of 1000.
  • In CF Vietnam, due to a client glitch, this grenade cannot be used in Hero Mode. If you equip it, it simply won't be available when you start the match.


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