Bladed Knuckles is a melee variant of the Knuckles featured in CrossFire.


This weapon featured two extra blades attached to the center of each brass knuckle. These additional blades increase the attack range greatly, allowing players to take down their enemies at a longer distance that the original Knuckles.


  • High rate of punch on primary attack mode.
  • High damage on secondary attack mode.
  • Long attack range.
  • Lightweight (No speed reduction).


  • Low rate of punch on secondary attack mode.
  • Low damage on primary attack mode.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF North America
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Korea
  • CF Europe


Knuckle2 InfernalDragon
Knuckle2 InfernalDragon NG
BUYWEAPON INFO Bladedknuckles neonpink copy
Infernal Dragon VIP
Infernal Dragon Noble Gold
Neon Pink


  • There is a "CROSSFIRE" logo on both grips of this weapon.
  • It has a different model compared to the original Knuckles.
  • This weapon features a new "stabbing sound" effect when hitting objects/opponents, making it quite unique comparing to other Knuckles variants.
  • This weapon has longer range than the Brass Knuckles, but the RMB is as fast as the Brass Knuckles, making it OPed (over-powered).
  • It is named 'Blade Knuckles' in CF PH, dropping "d" in the "Bladed" word, and does not have a stabbing sound effect when hitting objects/opponents.
  • It's one of the most welcomed melee weapons in CF Vietnam due to the longer range and quick attack speed (but still slower than Dual Karambit). Following many events, lots of senior players using this melee weapon.


CrossFire Vietnam Knuckles 2 ☆04:52

CrossFire Vietnam Knuckles 2 ☆

CrossFire Vietnam 203:59

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 Bladed-Knuckles Montage Dabbzapp ✔

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