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TechCard Blaster Gold
Blaster-Gold is a limited edition class card available in Wave Mode. It can only be obtained via the mode's reward system.


Blaster-Gold shares the same attributes with regular Blaster class, except that players will use a Golden RPG-7 when activating F-skill. This gun is different comparing to the normal RPG-7 that players can jump with it while wielding, allowing them to make tricky shot while limitting damage to themselves.

For the class enhancing system, Blaster-G has the best succeed chance by default, and this increases greatly with Stabilizer card (Sometimes assuring a 100% success rate).



  • In the North American version, Blaster-G lacks an Item Icon and thus won't show up if players win it.
  • In the Vietnam, the Blaster-G Item Icon is not translated, showing original Chinese text. It has not been fixed since November 2013.

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