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  • JJBisHere.15

    RIP: Mission System

    March 23, 2017 by JJBisHere.15

    In CFPH, what happened to Mission System? It's starting to close down as Point Mall System does.


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  • AmazingExia

    We've got an upcoming update called Project Terranova. I think it includes the Upgraded Mission System but i feel like there's more. Well, I gotta stay tuned for this though. :D

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  • Denmarkfelix


    March 17, 2017 by Denmarkfelix

    what's happening to the founder Miniwally he's been inactive forever i just want to meet the founder 

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  • Simrock

    It's time for some previews! CrossFire China's next update will arrive on March 29th, 30th! This patch will introduce a new mode, which many of you might be familiar with, by the name of Arms Race (or Gun Game)! Start with basic rifles and finish with frag grenades! Stay tuned for other previews in the upcoming days! Thread

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  • JJBisHere.15

    Here's another awareness of cheats, like Beware of Hackers.

    If you don't want to download cheats in CF, the players you used cheats have caught you cheating on replay. Make sure you cannot download this cheat due to a detection of virus on your computer.

    NOTE: Downloading cheats in CrossFire will result in detection of virus and removal of this file.

    If you finished playing any mode in CrossFire, save the game replay and watch. Visit the forum and see the topic that they posted. If you need help, refer to the link of forum.


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  • Denmarkfelix

    were is the shotgun vip anyway??? 

    reply if you want

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  • JJBisHere.15

    Happy Women's Day! I accidentally published my blog. Sorry for that! XD

    I got the news! In CFPH, you can buy one character at 20% OFF. Just check in CFPH's Website! Click here.


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  • JJBisHere.15


    AK47-Knife OB will start on TUESDAY.

    Credits to CornNickel for downloading this video in CFPH's Facebook Page and uploading it.

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  • JJBisHere.15

    Here's a problem! Some hackers are caught on camera and banned on forum. The website I visited is a fake by showing passwords which hacks your account. Read it here by click the link in this site:

    Here is the list of the official Game Masters:

    Click here.

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  • Farlan14
    I would like To wait For this Weapon Set At ease for Lotto Spin or Rewards
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  • Richardliaojjg

    Hey guys, the 8th post has been finished, I collect all grenades' exploding effect, Here is my introduce:

    • Al grenades from all versions.
    • Images for exploding effect, sounds for sound effect, sounds are not good in post bar but not toooo bad.
    • Funny grenade made by me, its not real grenade, that's a popular emoticon from Baidu Post Bar. If the video don't play, maybe u need an acc of post bar.
    • Sry bout the watermark and my bad English.

    Here is the portal:

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  • JJBisHere.15

    It's easy to kill the enemy critically by aiming the head using a pistol weapon. That's how I play CrossFire without any of my first weapons (Rifle, SMG, MG, Sniper, and Shotguns). In FFA Mode of Pistol Match, I aim the enemy's head critically as I killed the enemy, but I ever don't aim the bodies except his/her head. Well, someone called me a cheater in FFA of Pistol Match, but I always didn't. I hoped you enjoy playing CF and see you in-game.

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  • Việt Quốc Khổng

    Modder Kha Ngố CFVN

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  • Việt Quốc Khổng

    Shovel Born Beast Noble Gold

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  • MasterDavis9

    I was planning to buy one of these ever since my main account(MasterDavis9) got hacked, So I created a new account. Like I said, I was planning to buy the Barrett Iron Shark, but I don't know if the Obsidian Beast variant is even more overpowered than the IS variant.

    So which one you think I should get?

    IS = 2

    OB = 0

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  • Smartyxit

    CF Hostage Rescue?

    February 15, 2017 by Smartyxit

    Do you think Crossfire should add a Hostage Rescue mode? well Crossfire started as a Counter Strike clone so I think CF should have a hostage rescue mode

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  • Andrew02203

    I was wondering which melee is the best for quick right click attacks.

    Dual Karambit (Any Variant)

    IAS (Any Variant)

    Jungle Knife


    Shadow Knives

    And also, are the IAS and Shadow Knives basically the same thing?

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  • Simrock

    New Black Market

    February 8, 2017 by Simrock

    Hey everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you all to a new Black Market (Capsule Shop, Lotto, etc) recently added in CF North America. It is fairly similar, but it does bring some cool features that I think everybody will like. This will be a quick summary from the new edits done on the Black Market article; for better exposure on the subject. So, let's dive into it!

    First off, you can search weapon names to filter corresponding crates! Next, the spinning animation was changed to a machine reminiscent of a revolver cylinder. You can setup the position of the crate before spinning it with the "Space-bar" key. And of course, you can still control the force of the spin or use the auto-spin like before.

    Now, here's a neat feature, every items yo…

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  • LaserRanger

    CF PH February Update

    February 6, 2017 by LaserRanger

    First Unlock for February

    New Game Mode

    • AI BOT Destruction

    New eCoin Lotto

    1. CandyBox Lotto
    • Savage 110BA-CandyBox
    • Dual Karambit-CandyBox
    • M67 Grenade-CandyBox

    New GP Lotto

    1. ASh-12.7 Lotto


    Second Unlock

    • Old eCoin Lotto - Re-sale
      • Casanova Lotto
        • Steyr TMP-Valentine
        • Dual Karambit-Valentine
    • New Character
      • Mocha
    • New Items
      • Valentine Weapon Coupon
      • Valentine Spray 2017
      • Valentine Name Card 2017


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  • RonBWL

    CF China's February Update

    February 5, 2017 by RonBWL

    It is a bit late this month for the update spoiler, mainly because China is celebrating Lunar New Year just like us Vietnamese, but hey, the wait is worth it! Here's the official thread, if anyone want to check it out. So, without further ado, let's dig in!

    • The update is set to release on March 1st, 2nd on the official client servers.
    • As per usual, there will be new merchandises available for the Mileage Shop.
    • Introduction of the Weapon Upgrade System, featuring the AK-47 皇家卫队!
      • There will be upgrade material packages available in the Item Shop.
    • To be announced.
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  • RonBWL

    CFPH: Project Mocha news

    January 30, 2017 by RonBWL

    CFPH's Facebook page has posted a video about this project, and while there's not much revealed about Mocha Uson, here's what we know:

    • Like with Ngoc Trinh and OPES, she'd probably be PH's exclusive
    • No ingame model of Mocha has been revealed yet, but we do see two shots of her real-life moddeling in process, which will surely turn up like it ingame (Check photo below)
    • Mocha Uson will feature exclusive killsound just like Ngoc Trinh and OPES. Unfortunately episode 2 revealed that language will be English, and because she took reference from the stock killsound, it doesn't sound notably different than the default killsound.

    Stay tuned for more info from CFPH's page

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  • AmazingGroudon

    VVIP Male?

    January 16, 2017 by AmazingGroudon

    I justed wanted to create new vvip in cf china, not like female vvip, the male vvip with special voice, special attack and other

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  • Svanced

    Found some new gems lmao,again for an offline cs cf mod

    Link to the videos I found on youtube:

    Theyre almost a year old omg!

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  • Heshgohar

    Soooo there is no plan or an M4A4 or one Karambit instead of Two ? 

    AA-12 Vvip ? FR-F2 VVIP ? M240B VVIP ? Male Charecter VVIP ? Kriss Super VVIP ? M14EBR VVIP? Another AWM VVIP ? Gatling Gun VVIP ? Anything or even a new camo pack? or even new ranks and system? New weapon sounds? Eagle Eye 2.0 ? 

    I think this game is missing lots of stuff tho :D

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  • Skyfallcf

    AI items problem

    January 10, 2017 by Skyfallcf

    Hello everyone, I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenience, but I'm having trouble with my items, which greatly affected my zombie mode gameplay.

    A few days ago, I opened some reward crates, but since my storage had reached its limit, all the items got transfered into the temp storage. After deleting some stuffs to make space, I went to the temp storage to save those items, but when I returned, I noticed the large hypomed and revival tokens weren't stacked up with the amount I already have in my storage. Instead, they were added as individual items, and since then, I haven't been able to use zombie mode items such as unlimited ammo belt, sentry gun gold, gold ticket or even rivival token. 

    What am I supposed to do now?  I'd really, really app…

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  • Heshgohar

    Admins Please Read

    January 9, 2017 by Heshgohar

    So this dude called CrossFireNub111 , f*cked up everything literally ...Please Ban Him.

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  • Svanced

    M14 EBR Born Beast on PC

    January 1, 2017 by Svanced

    So CFM got this weapon in the last update a few days ago:

    And while it most likely wont come to the PC Crossfire, you can still play with it and "try" it in an "offline" Crossfire which is a MOD for CS 1.6

    Link:  > "nhuviet official 2.1"

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  • RonBWL

    Happy New Year

    December 31, 2016 by RonBWL

    2017 has arrived, and we are looking forward for another exciting CF year - thanks everyone for your contributions to CF Wikia, it means a lot to us! On behalf of all admins, I wish you guys all the best luck this year - may everyone win their favorite item from Black Market with the least possible crates spent!

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  • Tony98776

    Upcoming update in cf eu

    December 30, 2016 by Tony98776

    Hey guys i would like to know how do you predict the updates ? Like this upcoming update in cf eu january 2017

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  • Joshua115

    As the Title Said

    Renders and 1st Person View

    Credits to GAMEMASSACRE Youtube

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  • Joshua115

    New VIP Char?

    December 19, 2016 by Joshua115

    CREDITS to Shirunai Okami Fan Page, i don't own this pic

    What the Perks of this guy?

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  • Simrock

    Happy holiday season everybody! It is finally time to reveal what the developers have in store for us for 2017! On the 10th of January, CF China will receive a huge content update, which contains a brand new Trial Challenge Mode (AI3) map, including an old boss, back with a vengeance! So, without further ado, here are the official previews - Source

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  • Hungryghost2807

    New AN94 VIP???

    December 19, 2016 by Hungryghost2807

    Is this real??? 

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  • Mjcpbabao9

    up coming VIP in ph

    December 15, 2016 by Mjcpbabao9

    The vip weapon can't be predict because the wonner of the game decides when it will launch or were it will release...

    Barrett Iron Shark will come this December 27 after Christmas. The 1st week discount will be P2100.00 after the promo it will go back to it's original price P2800.00

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  • LaserRanger
    • New Mode:
      • GPS Mode
        • Map: Broken Arrow
    • Parasite Expansion:
      • Devil Hunter vs Devil Terminator
      • Map: Night Club
    • Re-opened Map:
      • Christmas (WO and TDM)
    • New Zodiac Weapon:
      • 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon-Sagittarius
    • New Ecoin Lotto:
      • 9A-91-Xmas
      • Lewis Gun-Xmas
      • CM901-Xmas
    • New GP Lotto:
      • MG36
    • New GP Weapon:
      • Snake DBR
    • New Items:
      • Nano Hook-Devil (Zombie Mode Exclusive Item)
      • Zombie Soul Stone (Hero Mode eXtreme Exclusive Item)

    No ETA: 

    • Shipyard


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  • MarkyCf

    Thanks in Advance folks!! :)

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  • MarkyCf

    HI! I'm CF PH Player! I've seen a youtube video of Crossfire Philippines channel that talks about VVIP Sale! and I noticed that they're on a White Moon map!! Here is the video>>>

    So, it seems that the White Moon map will be release soon!! ;)

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  • Simrock

    Here we go, we're going crazy again! It is time for news regarding the next content update for CrossFire China, which is scheduled for December 7th! You can check all of the information and original screenshots on this thread Let's take a look at the crazy content and other miscellaneous stuff:

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  • NickzJSA.CF

    Allright, finally here are the complete content of CrossFire Indonesia's December-January 2017 updates.

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  • Endosqueleto


    Lightning Rod (releasing)

    AK47-S-Perfect Silver (releasing)

    L86 LSW-Perfect Silver (releasing)

    M1216-Perfect Silver (releasing)

    AA-12-Zombie Destroyer

    AS VAL (releasing)

    KAC Chainsaw-Ultimate Dragon

    SWAT-Camo Char (releasing)






    Savage 110BA-Blue Zen

    Lewis Gun-Blue Zen

    MK23 SOCOM Blue Ice

    Rifle: SAR-21 (GP)

    MG: KSP 58D (GP)

    • ===Black Friday promotion: ===
    • 100 crates with up to 50% discount!
    • VVIP Weapons with up to 50% discount!
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  • KoroSensei4

    Your thoughts and opinions on what would be the next VIP weapon?

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  • Rickyzi

    Okay. So far we've been playing Crossfire until it has grown this big, we also have learned many additional features on some specific firearms available in the game like additional Optical Zoom Scope, Red Dot Sight, Sniping Scope Sight, Backup Iron Sight, Fast Draw, Slug Mode, Knife Stab, Buttstock Attack, and also, which becomes the primary topic in this blog, the Fire Selector Switch.

    Until this moment, the only familiar Fire Selector Switch that we know so far is only limited in switching firing mode from "Fully Automatic" into "Burst-Fire", notably as seen in FAMAS, Glock-18, AK-12-Ghetto, and G11.

    But what if the developer plans to update another new weapons whose Fire Selector Switch has been modified to range from "Fully Automatic" into "Semi-Aut…

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  • Endosqueleto

    That's a question.

    It's needed a page for this?

    If yes, tell me, so, i'll create it..

    (i'm sorry if a page for this exists. if yes, tell me :D)

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  • Endosqueleto

    New WS?

    November 4, 2016 by Endosqueleto

    Q&As are boring, but, i'll make one. If you would create a WS, how would you name it and what weapons would be included?

    Me: I'm out of ideas, but... I think I would make a Blue-Striped WS. We don't have much blue AKs, M4A1s and Melees, so..

    COP 357 Derringer Blue Stripes;

    AK-12 Blue Stripes;

    KAC-Chainsaw Blue Stripes;

    SOHG Blue Stripes.

    (i'm sorry, I can't add those stuff... you know what i'm talking about..)

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  • Chiharu Harukaze

     Yes ør Nø? And why?

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  • Endosqueleto

    If you were a character from CF, which one would you be?

    Me: I think i'd choose Commando, because he looks like a pretty nice character.

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  • DAYUM20K


    October 24, 2016 by DAYUM20K

    Hey guys,

    Some of you may know that I am into editing clips and such. I started a little series on my channel, even though not really many watch it I wanted to ask you for your opinion on the clips? ( I can not record in public matches due to being kicked too often, really TOO OFTEN). I would appreciate if you watch any of my other clips on my channel and leave back constructive critic.

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  • Dabbzapp

    CFQQ (EXP) October update!

    October 20, 2016 by Dabbzapp

    New images of the new update in CFQQ (EXP) today! I don't have some images for the "spoiled" stuff that are mentioned in Ron's blog but all I have should give everyone more information about the update. For the map images, I only take a few of them because making a video is more efficient than taking pictures, finding a good angle to take it. BTW, I got myself the Circus HMX map preview here , the other one will be up soon!

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