Poison Scorpion is a mechanical scorpion that mostly uses toxic based attacks. It doesn't appear to be reminiscent of any particular previous boss therefore a completely original boss concept. It is one of the easiest to defeat alongside the Phoenix boss though.


  • Claw Slash: Anybody getting too close from it might get damaged by a quick claw slash.
  • Toxic Waste: The boss will throw spikes out of this tail which will release toxic waste once it land, covering various area. Occasionally, it will also leave a toxic trails under it, which also acts as hazardous environment. Shooting off his tail will end this attack.
  • Grinder: It might catch a soldier with his claws and bring him/her near his grinder, preventing them from firing while dealing damage. It will then throws the soldier far away against the arena's boundaries.

  • Toxic Trails: It will continuously leave toxic wastes behind as it moves; slowly filling the arena with hazardous stuff on the floor, which will slowly drain soldiers health if they ever steps on those covered area.
  • Health Recover: It will stop at the middle and release his minions to the sides of the arena, and they will come toward him to heal their master. If soldiers don't stop them, it will regain health as his minions return to him.

Tips & Strategies

  • Break his tail ASAP, to reduce hazardous stuff around the arena.
  • Use a kick if he gets too close to avoid his claw slash. This can't be done to avoid Grinder, unfortunately.
    • A well-timed kick CAN prevent damage taken from Grinder, however it's extremely hard to get it right, and there is a chance that Scorpion will attack twice, so players will still take the second hit.
  • When Scorpion first summons his minions, 3 Sticky Bombs will be provided. If all players have weak firepower, use only ONE to destroy his minions, because if he happens to summon them once more, you won't be able to kill his minions quick enough and he will regenerate more HP.


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