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Brass Knuckles CF1
Brass Knuckles visual promotion.

Brass Knucklesis a melee weapon in CrossFire. They were added to Z8 CrossFire in the May Patch Update entitled "Nightfall". They were available as a Black Market ZP Crates item on May 31. They are also available in CF China, CF Japan and CF Vietnam (recently in the July Update Patch entitled "Sức mạnh vô hình" (Invisible Power)), and CF Philippines (recently added in the September Mini-Patch Update entitled "Iron Fist" under the name Knuckles).


For melee combats the Brass Knuckles are a very useful and great weapon. For the left click attack they do 2 consecutive hits (slashes) that look like 2 fast, light punches in a single attack, which is very peculiar as opposed to the usual one hit of all other melee weapons. The 2 hits don't do the same amount of damage, the 2nd hit always does slightly more damage than the 1st. It takes about 2 to 3 to 4 of these hits to kill the opponent, so 2 successful left click attacks will do just fine. But this is not easy to handle, it might require skills and take some time to get used to and master the left click attack, since this is a pretty strange and hard-to-control attack for players who are already too familiar with other melee weapons. For the right click special attack they release a fast, heavier and very powerful punch that is capable of 1-hit kill everywhere on the body, much like the special attacks of other melee weapons. So overall this is a really good choice for melee combat players. A good looking, very damn fast (faster than all other melee weapons in terms of speed, except the knife obviously), very powerful melee weapon. Plus this is a unique weapon with many interesting features that only it has, and the attacks just simply look and sound cool when attacking. All in all with its power, amazing speed plus some skills, time and patience it will make this already lethal weapon even deadlier. If you are a pro or skilled at melee combats, or simply just wanna try out cool new-fangled weapons and have fun, these Brass Knuckles are definitely recommended to you.


  • Many sources state that the Brass Knuckles have farther range than the Combat Axe. However, the Knuckles have a 10% shorter range than the default knife, giving it the shortest melee range in the game.
  • The Brass Knuckles attacks look like the punching moves used in boxing.
  • In left click attacks, if player chooses right-handed mouse, the right hand will do more damage than and after the left hand, and vice-versa if player chooses left-handed mouse.
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