Bullet Time

Bullet Time in effect.

Bullet Time is a feature in Doomsday Theater and Thunder Tower map. It occurs at Round 16 and 24 (both Bonus). It makes everything go in slow motion around you, so you can easily kill the zombies.

When it's Bullet Time, the color become grey, except for your character, weapons, UI and certain important events such as jumpers on fire.

However, it doesn't last forever obviously, but it's possible to trigger two Bullet Time within one bonus round.

Doomsday Theater

Assault from the Rooftop

Bullet Time 2

Another screenshot of the Bullet Time.

At round 16, jumpers will appear on the roof. After a certain time has passed, the moment someone shoot the glass, it breaks and the bullet time kicks in.

Once the jumpers finally land, the effects stop. If the players suck enough not to kill all Jumpers before the clock tick 0:25, Bullet Time will automatically come back to aid them one last time to finish the Bonus round.

With a good throw, TH Grenade can kill more than half of the falling jumpers, making it possible to kill all of them before they even land.

Mysterious Girl's Show

At Round 24, you'll have another bonus round, but with a twist. Mysterious Girl will emerge in the middle of the map and start jumping / flipping all around the map, making it really hard to hit her. Your goal is to kill her before the timer runs out. Killing the first zombie with Headshot will trigger Bullet Time, and this one last until the timer runs out, making the chase against Mysterious Girl a little easier.

Thunder Tower

Bullet time works exactly the same with Round 16. The same effects apply to Round 24, with two Bullets Time phase instead of just one.


  • In Doomsday Theater, if the players manage to kill all jumpers before either Bullet Time expires, the screen will continue to display grey even though the speed is back to normal, except some of the textures, that immediately return to their deafult style, and you can see them like you're using WallHack. This effect will disappear once Round 17 begins.

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