C4 (Composition 4) is the main element in Search & Destroy, Ghost ModeLight Team Match, Spy Mode and Shadow Mode (Classic). It can only used by Black List operatives and Shadows to destroy speficic objectives in the various maps.

C4 will be given randomly to one of Black List players. Black List team must plant the C4 to one of the bombsite (A-site or B-Site) to destroy the site, while Global Risk must prevent them from doing so. If the C4 has been planted at one of the site, a notification will be given to all BL members about where the bomb is planted. If there is any Global Risk nearby, he/she will give notification to all another Global Risk about the bomb location. Global Risk have to defuse the C4 within 40 seconds in order to win, while Black List must protect the bomb until it explodes.

Additonally, Global Risk & Black List can purchase / obtain a bomb defuse kit, to decrease the defuse and planting process by two seconds, respectively. It is also possible to decrease it by getting certain achievements tied to both Search & Destroy and Ghost Mode. The decreased time will vary depending on which of five levels are achieved.


  • When viewed in first person, the character types the bomb code with right hand. While in third person view, the bomb code is typed with left hand instead. These incompatible animations have not yet been fixed since the game was first released.
  • The C4 is quite messed up when any female character holding it (see screenshot below). Similar to the above, this have not yet been fixed.