The CR-21 is an assault rifle featured in Crossfire.


This gun looks similar to the L85A1 and TAR21, featuring a bullpup design without front handle. It is a powerful rifle with a decent accuracy, featuring a 35 rounds magazine with 105 in reverse. CR-21 comes equipped with a dot-sight scope with cyan upward "V" sight, which is quite useful for scoring Headshot at long distance. Despite that CR-21 uses 5.56x45mm NATO and has a bullpup configuration, it has notably high recoil, so spraying is not recommended with this gun.

In all CF version, this gun can be acquired via Crazy Titan Boss crates.


  • In real life, the Vektor CR-21 is still in the prototype condition.
  • First unveiled in 1997, the rifle utilises the bullpup layout. However, this makes the CR-21 only capable of being fired from the right hand.
  • Even though they look very modern (implying that the weapon is a new development), CR-21 rifles are actually just South African R4 rifles (licensed copies of the FN FAL) that were stripped of every furniture and configured into a bullpub layout.
  • Unlike other weapons in Reward crates, this gun lacks a magazine in CF Vietnam, starting with only 35/70 rounds. Despite this, the description still says it has 35/105 rounds. This is probably a minor bug that VTC overlooked.
  • Related to CF Vietnam, like some other weapons, this gun has 35/70 in normal modes and 35/105 in MM/HM/HMX.
  • In CF Philippines, there is an error in the gun's description where it doesn't describe the gun itself but rather, a certain grenade.


CR-21-NEON BI CR-21-BLAZE CR-21 Storm
Neon Blaze Storm


CrossFire - CR-21 - Weapon Gameplay04:15

CrossFire - CR-21 - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam CR-21 ☆-003:24

CrossFire Vietnam CR-21 ☆-0

CrossFire VN - CR-21-204:17

CrossFire VN - CR-21-2

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