Capsuleshop cn 1

The Capsule Shop in CF China differs greatly from other CF version - it has far less capsules due to most weapons/characters being sold directly in Item Shop. It also has an older interface, being a slot machine instead of the current gacha-machine like in other version.

Main difference

  • Capsules are shown in a Slot-machine style interface.
  • GP and Cash capsules are shown on different tab when browsing My Capsule.
  • There are 2 pages of Coupon milestone instead of just one.
  • Only 8 weapons are available to exchange coupons for.
  • No permanent prizes. All prizes are only 7d or 30d
  • GP capsule only gives out 2 prize. Cash capsule will give out 3. The fixed prize will be the one on top of the slot machine plus a Coupon (Cash capsule only). No GP item included



Chinese CrossFire - Capsule Shop03:15

Chinese CrossFire - Capsule Shop

Cross Fire China -- GP Lottery 103:06

Cross Fire China -- GP Lottery 1

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