Mystery Shop (Indonesia: Toko Misteri) is a special shop that sells rare guns, characters, and items, which cannot be purchased using the regular item shop.


This shop sells three categories of containers: cash point, mini, and the GP one. The goal is usually to get the advertised main win, a permanent advanced gun or character. On ocassion, a container may contain two, or three permanent items, and all of them is marked Best. For the main cash point and GP capsule contains 3 random items, but the mini capsule contains 2 random items. The pool of possible items depends on the type of container. After being bought, these containers can then be opened.

Secondary prizes

Version 1

Version 2


  • Masquerade Mask (7 days)
  • Sniper (nametag) (7 days)
  • Volcano (nametag) (7 days)
  • GR vs BL (spray) (7 days)
  • Headshot (spray) (7 days)
  • Capsule Coupon (1 EA)
  • GP (100 - 20,000)

Coupons Duration Items
10 7 days No Grenade (spray) Wanted (spray) No Peeking (spray)
15 7 days Indonesia (nametag) Sniper (nametag) Fever (nametag)
20 7 days Rope Water Bottle Private Beret
30 7 days FC Grenade Pistol Cartridge Belt SMG Cartridge Belt
50 30 days Soccer Grenade Smile Grenade Grenade-Zombie
70 7 days SW M66 SL8 RPK-Camo
80 15 days MP5K A4 9A-91 SL8
100 30 days 9A-91 RPK-Camo SR-2M Veresk

Capsules (individual)

Capsules (sets)

X-MAS 2016 A Set

X-MAS 2016 B Set

X-MAS 2016 C Set