Cebu City is a Team DeathMatch map which the setting is within the Philippines.



  • Cebu City (Most versions).
  • Coconut Island (China, Taiwan).
  • Paradise Island (Vietnam).
  • Philippines (Russia).


A symmetrical map like usual Team Deathmatch maps with 2 main alley allowing battle from spawn area to another. Moving to any side we can enter to one of the houses (one on each side) where some stairs lead to a second floor with a window to allow sniper to attack the opposite house or attempt to attack the enemy spawn.

Going on the right side of each spawn lies a gazebo and an entry to some other house. Both building face each other in the middle of the map. As it's quite a simple close quarter combat map, there's not much else that can be said about it other than being a nice exotic location with some fast paced action games.Many players fight for the second floor in both sides of the map for better view and better position.


  • The location was based on the Philippines' Visayan City: CEBU
  • There's a mini Magellan's Cross, which is the one of the famous landmarks in Cebu City.
  • In Philippine history, Cebu City was the oldest city and the first capital of the Philippines, established during the Spanish period.


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