The Chaos Hook is a melee weapon in CrossFire.


The Chaos Hook can be obtained via the "Chaos" Boss Crate Reward in ZM. It behaves just like the Mutation Spike melee weapon used by Mutants in Mutation Mode. Because of its slow attacking rate and fairly short range, it is not common in Melee battles, as most players prefer the Combat Axe, the Field Shovel or the Kukri instead.


It's available in all CF version with Zombie Mode updated.



  • This weapon is rarely seen nowadays due to the fact that it's very hard to use, and beating Chaos five times just to gain a chance to get Chaos Hook for 7 days is really troublesome. Veteran players mostly just play newer ZM/DM maps to get Keris, Invisible Assassin Sword, Gloves or Scythe Crab Claws instead.
  • In CF CN, this weapons only can be found in CF APP, Tencent deleted Chaos Hook in Boss Box and no one can get it from Challenge Mode.


CrossFire Vietnam - Chaos Hook ☆02:35

CrossFire Vietnam - Chaos Hook ☆

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