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Characters are the various mercenaries that players can use when playing the game. New players get to choose between three basic characters: SWAT, OMOH and SAS. Other characters can be obtained via various ways, either permanently (Item Shop, Black Market, Coupons or Tickets) or temporary (Item Shop, Zombie Mode rewards, etc).


Forces Gender Country Acronyms Pictures
SWAT Male United States Special Weapons And Tactics. ItemIcon 000
OMOH Male Russia

Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya. / Special Purpose Mobile Unit

SAS Male England Special Air Service. SAS
707 Male South Korea 707th Special Mission Battalion. 707
SPOP Female England Special Operations. SPOP
GSG9 Male Germany Grenzschutzgruppe 9 / Border Guard Group 9 GSG-9
GSG9 (White) Male Germany Grenzschutzgruppe 9 / Border Guard Group 9 GSG-9 (Alt)


Female Malaysia

Special Task And Rescue.

FOX Female Russia Frontial Operation X Fox
SDU Male China Special Duties Unit. SDU
SIA Male N/A Secret Intelligence Agency. SIA
UNSF Male United States United Nations Security Force. ItemIcon 831
JTF Female N/A Joint Task Force. JTF1
SPOP-E Female England Special Operation Elite. SPOP-X
SWAT E Male United States Special Weapons And Tactics Elite. SWATElite
N-22 Genderless (Robot) N/A N/A N-22
Navy Seals Male United States Navy Sea, Air, Land. Navy SEALs
L.A. SWAT Female United States Los Angeles Special Weapons And Tactics LA SWAT
SFG Male United States Special Force Group. White Wolf
Commando Male N/A N/A ItemIcon 1230
SBS Male England Special Boat Service. ItemIcon 1265
JNS Female China Janus ItemIcon 1421
SJB Male China N/A SJB1
Suzy Female South Korea Member of the famous band MissA. Fei
Jia Female South Korea Member of the famous band MissA. JIA
Min Female South Korea Member of the famous band MissA. Min
Fei Female South Korea Member of the famous band MissA. Suzy
Arch Female N/A N/A DF90I5U
Sabel Female N/A N/A Sabel
K Male China N/A K
Tactical Suit Male N/A N/A Tact. Suit Male
Tactical Suit Female N/A N/A Tact. Suit Female


Male N/A N/A GhostY
Ranger Female N/A N/A ItemIcon 1354

Mode Exclusives

Characters Gender Country Description Pictures
Ghosts Male / Female N/A Stealth equipment for every Black List operatives in Ghost Mode matches. Ghost
Shadows Male / Female N/A Special ghost warriors that use an enhanced stealth system based on constant speed. Shadow Char
Hero Male N/A A mercenary trained to counter mutant invasion using Fal Camo and grenades. Hero icon 2
Commando Male N/A A muscular Mercenary equipped with dual kukris ready to kill an army of mutants Commando2
Ranger Female N/A A female mercenary with similar training as Commando, but uses Dual Axes. Ranger2
Armoured Mutant Male N/A N/A
Mutant Male N/A

Mutant with increased speed, it is the main mutant in CrossFire North America.

Dread Male N/A Default mutant in most versions of the game. It has long claws and decent running speed. ItemIcon 394
Maiden Female N/A A female mutant in nurse outfit. She can turns invisible and jump slightly higher. ItemIcon 604
Smoke Male N/A A nanotech mutant based of a military general that can spew out smoke screens. Itemicon 544
Assassin Male N/A A ninja mutant that use special concussion grenades that disrupt soldiers positions. Itemicon 648
Xeno Male N/A An alien xenomorph predator with special lightning abilities enough to electrify the commando Xeno
Havoc Male N/A A berserk alien causing Havoc, as his name implies. It has long claws enough to cut off soldiers Havoc icon 2


  • The Mutant is the default one character in the North American version of the game.
  • Some characters have a variety of skills that may varies from a character to another in other versions.
  • N-22 is the only non-human character that can be own permanently (excluding default mutants).


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Crossfire - All 14 characters

Crossfire - All 14 characters

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