Nano Circus
Circus is a Hero Mode X maps set, as the name suggest, within a large circus area.


  • CF China
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Russia
  • CF Japan


This map takes place inside a common Circus (Labelled "CF Circus") at night, when everyone has already gone and only the soldiers are left behind. Apparently the animals have been evacuated as well, leaving the mutants less hosts to infect

Notable spots:

  • Circus tent: The main arena, includes one Jumping pad at the middle that leads to the rooftop or some railings/platform on the top. There are various spectator seats inside the tent, which may aid parkourers from evading mutants attack.
  • Circus rooftop: Upper area, accessible by 4 jumping pads from outisde or the main one inside. The Human Canon or rope sliding from the Tower can help soldiers get here quickly as well.
  • Human Canon: Anyone going inside this will be shot up onto the Circus tent.
  • Tower: Accessible by 2 partially broken ladders that requires nearby Jumping Pad to get to. A decent spot to camp as long as soldiers can cover both ladders carefully, but Assassin's grenade may be a big threat. Escape by rapelling down to the Circus rooftop of just jump off the tower if needed be.
  • The Cage: Has 2 entrances that's remotely controlled by two switches, one outside and one inside. Mutants can open the cage from outside but the direct path requires jumping, which gives time for soldiers to re-close the gate. It's possible to sneak attack from the bottom up however.
  • Cage's rooftop: Accessible via a nearby jumping pad or from Circus' roof, a decent spot to camp and help out other soldiers inside the Cage.
  • Empty tent: There are various one around the map, with our without crates to hide. Partially useless since Havoc / Devil Terminator can spot you easily.


  • In Crossfire Vietnam this map have an error upon release, by pressing "`" button you can see the map does not sync with the whole map. It's still not fixed yet





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