A clan is a loose organization of players in Crossfire. A clan has a leader as well as vice-leaders (called lieutenants or administrators), who manages the clan together. A clan can fight together in public matches or face off with other clans via the clan wars channel to display their dominance and prestige. If a clan faces off with another clan within the clan wars channel, the game will be marked on their personal clan page. Each clan as a clan war win/lose percentage on their clan page. A clan can buy items in bulk via the clan bank or their own personal bank (Leader and lieutenants only).

Starting a clan is a serious matter, as managing and marketing one's own clan can be difficult. One should note that this is just a game and not be taken too seriously. When starting a clan, it will cost 5,000 Game Points (GP). The clan is then open to 25 members, as well as 2 free lieutenant (LT) spaces. More member and LT spots can be bought within the in-game mall, up to 100 clan members and as many LT's as one would like.

A leader can customize the clan by purchasing a clan logo through either GP or ZP (CF NA) and multiple other items and clan customizations within the clan mall, including name switches and clan back packs for a 10% exp boost in clan wars.

Special Clans

GM Clan: Is only for game masters (GMs) and moderators (mods). They will not compete in the game unless during events. Mostly used so that players are able to tell who really is a GM or mod in-game.

CF MODS: For moderators.

CF Forumers: A group of people, who are into fair play, weapon restrictions and hang out in the forums and the Echo 8 channel. Special application requirements apply.