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".45 caliber pistol manufactured by Colt Inc. Relatively more powerful than other pistols."
- Weapon description

Colt 1911 is a pistol featured in CrossFire.


The Colt 1911 has moderate stats in its class. It has moderate accuracy and reloading speed, but with only a 7 round magazine capacity. Although it has a fairly fast firing speed and moderate damage, it has also moderate recoil. It requires 3-6 shots to kill an enemy, not counting headshots which take 1-2 shots. The 1911 has a very fast draw speed, which makes it useful as a backup gun, provided the user can land all his/her shots.

Due to its balanced stats, this gun is one of two pistols that are part of competition standard weapons (the other being the Desert Eagle).


  • Very quick drawing time.
  • Quick firing.
  • Moderate firepower.


  • Relatively high recoil for hit 'n' run.
  • Carries too little ammo.


Available in all version.

Additionally in Wave Mode and Super Soldier TDM, everyone who dies within Commander's flag (purple) will automatically receive one along with appropriate ammo to attempt finishing off their opponents. It will last until the effect wears off.


Real Life

  • The Colt M1911 is famous as the official sidearm of the US military from both World Wars up to the Vietnam War era. It was replaced in the 1980's by the Beretta M9.
  • The military 1911 has a standard 7 round magazine, while some modern 1911s can use 8 round magazines.
  • In 1st Person, players can notice the gun's hammer is uncocked. Being a single-action pistol, the gun shouldn't be able to fire unless the hammer is cocked first in real life.
  • The 1911 in Crossfire is underpowered, often requiring more than 3 hits to kill enemies. In real life ballistic reports, 45 caliber pistols like the 1911 often kill people in 2-3 shots in the upper body (or sometimes only 1 shot, if a vital organ is hit).

In game

  • The quick drawing time and the low ammo capacity of Colt 1911 suggest that this gun is designed as a backup weapon for finishing low health opponents when the player's primary weapon runs out, and is not meant for Pistol Only matches.
  • The reloading time of this gun can be shortened by tapping the LMB to directly execute a shot when the slide of the gun returns back to its ready-to-fire position, thus skipping the re-aiming animation part (something other pistols don't have), probably to accommodate its very small ammo capacity.
  • Strangely, both P228 and Beretta M9 use the killmark of this gun.
  • The wooden grip of the gun is painted brown red when equipped, while it is painted brown orange in the gun's inventory/shop image.
  • Many characters in CF are seen carrying a Colt 1911 in their holster although unobtainable and unusable by players and only acts as a decoration. Most of these Colt 1911s are holstered next to their hip or leg.
    • This might inspires the Last Man Standing perks for Commander class (WM/SSTD), since the Colt 1911 is featured during the last man standing timer. It can be assumed that the characters, after getting gunned down, lost their main equipment and reached out to this gun as a last resort to finish off their opponent before dying.



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