Black Carbon Axe (or Combat Axe or BC-Axe) is one of the earliest melee weapons, available in all CF versions.


BC-Axe is a notorious melee weapon with much better damage rates than the default Knife. It's primary attack or LMB is very quick to use, and can score a 1-hit kill in the head (with or without armor) or a 2-hit kill anywhere on the body, and has decent range. It can also kill several opponents if they are bunched together very tightly. The secondary attack or RMB has great reach and takes longer to execute, but can score 1 hit kill anywhere on the body except the legs, where it deals 80 damage.

BC-Axe and its variants are best used to score headshots with their primary attack; the player will find it easy to go for the head with its aim.

Comparing to the Kukri or Shovel, the Combat Axe has a faster primary attack rate but slower with secondary and shorter attacking range. It also takes longer to equip the weapon, so it's not recommended for quick-switching with sniper rifles.

In CF North America, this weapon can be rented temporarily for 1900 ZP for 7 days or more in the Item Shop and it used to be had permanently for 50 coupons in the Black Market , as of February patch it was replaced with the Remington 870 and RX4 Storm.

This melee weapon is available to CF PH players by buying it for 20 ECoin for 7 days.

In CF VN, this weapon can be rented by cash in Item Shop, Coupons Exchange or additional prizes in Black Market , all of them are temporary.

In CF SEA, this weapon used to be purchased permanently for the price of 30,000 GP.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


Dual Axes

  • The Dual Axes is a special variant available only in Hero Mode X expansion pack, used by Nemesis. Two Axes are held on each hand, with the right one facing sideway. It functions similar to the Dual Kukri.


  • BC-Axe has the most re-skin variants among all Melee weapons, followed by Kukri and Field Shovel.
  • The BC-Axe is widely thought to be overpowered due to its ability to punch through armor, and its easy-to-aim-for-the-head one-hit primary attack that has a very quick execution and recovery time. Experienced players can easily win against other melee players by careful movement and constant aim at the target's head, thus seldom needing to resort to the Axe's secondary attack. This would be fine with Black Market variants but a normal BC-Axe, easily obtainable via rental, taking on permanent BM Melee is a bit unfair.
  • This melee weapon is obtainable from a badge reward temporarily in CF PH by completing the first Special Ops badge (Melee).



Cross Fire Combat Axe05:00

Cross Fire Combat Axe

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