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Compound is a Search & Destroy and Free For All map sets within a large sattelite base. The S&D version is available in a lot of version, but the FFA variant is only available in the Chinese version.


  • Compound (China, North America & Philippines).
  • Satelite Station (Vietnam & Indonesia).
  • Satélite (Brazil).
  • Satellite Base (Europe)


Global Risk Operatives have done research and are certain that the leader of Black List, Ghost, is hiding in this compound. For this mission, Global Risk Leader Alex Roid has deployed a special league of soldiers, known as the Navy SEALs to lead the operation.

As said by the research, Ghost was found. He was spotted and running for escape, with Black List defending him through the way, but swiftly, Ghost was shot and killed by one of the Navy SEALs and was pronounced dead at the scene. Later a special news report by Sir Alex Roid announced to the world, that the leader of Black List was dead.

Global Risk Base

Global Risk start off at the South Side of the Map near both bombsites for more quicker and swifter defense. With this it allows Global Risk to quickly regroup and spawn to the nearest bombsites, allowing full court advantage against people of the Black List team who have a goal of planting and hopefully detonating the bomb.

Black List Base

Black List start off in a small room with an outside entrance. Far from bombsites, the Black List don't have much of a terrain advantage. They are capable of pulling of an A Site Rush, as it is not as far away unlike most Search and Destroy Maps Black List start in.


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