Crater 2 is a Zombie Mode map and remake of the popular Crater map. It features two new variations of the Heavy Titan, namely the Rampage and Infernal Titans, acting as the map's bosses alongside their respective minions.


  • CF China: Giant City Ruins 2.
  • No other versions yet.


This is the same map as in Crater, but is set in the daytime rather than night, presumably right after the battle against Crazy Titan was over. After a short nap over the night, soldiers are now ready to fend off another zombie assault yet again.

Crater 2 still features 2 mounted Gatling Gun to help softening up the zombie invaders, but two floating platforms have been added to contain Weapon Supply boxes. Landing on these requires careful floating with the Fan at the top of the map, but it gives soldiers a good vantage point to sniper zombies from below.

Weapon Shop

One major change is that shooting Zombies earn players Money (Max 10.000) stored in the usual Berserk Bar. Pressing F brings up a Shop Menu, where players can purchase various goodies, as noted below:

Item Icon Price Description
Ammunition Refill AI SpecialWeapon LIST 06 2000 Refill all of the soldier's ammunition.
Berserk AI SpecialWeapon LIST 04 4000 Activate the berserk skill.
Medic Grenade AI SpecialWeapon LIST 05 5000 Acquire a Medic Grenade.
Laser Blaster AI SpecialWeapon LIST 02 5000 Acquire the Laser Blaster for 10 seconds.
RPG-7 Freezer AI SpecialWeapon LIST 01 6000 Acquire the RPG-7 Freezer for 10 seconds.
Glacial Beast Summon AI SpecialWeapon LIST 03 8000 Summon the Glacial Beast to fight zombies for you.