CrossFire BR
Cf logo

Official Name

CrossFire América Latina


Smilegate West 




Portuguese BR

Release Date

February 2011


ZP (Z8 Points).



Official site

CrossFire Brazil is the Brazil localized version of CF. Published in 2011, uses ZP for in-game cash.

Black Market

  • Every crates provides a GP prize in the third slot. The GP earned can be 1 thousand-1 million for ZP Crates and 1 hundred-1 thousand for GP Crates.


  • When CFBR was released, it was expected to bring players from Brazil and the rest of Latin America for that version (Castilian Countries), but CFES was launched and have a LA server in spanish, after this CFAL changed to CFBR.
  • All CFBR Servers are located in São Paulo, Southeast of Brazil, with a failed try to put some servers in Northeast of Brazil.
  • The SMG Calico M960 was released first on CF BR.

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