CrossFire EU

Official name

CrossFire Europe


Smilegate Europe



Release date

Aug 31, 2011

Cash currency

RP (Rage Points)



Official site

CrossFire Europe is the European localized version of CF and available for all European people. CF Europe was published in 2011 by SG Interactive and uses Rage Points as cash.

Exclusive features

  • Temporary weapons won't damage, so players don't have to repair these.
  • CF EU features the widest Item Shop, featuring almost all permanent GP weapons.
  • The new Website

Capsule Shop (Black Market)

  • Every Capsule at the Capsule Shop provides a GP prize, a random item and a coupon - or exclusive weapon.
  • The Capsule Shop now features a Lucky Gauge which increases the chance to win the best items and a free crate ticket as a compensation if you still didn't win the best item/prize, which you can use to get any available cash crate you want. Duplicate prizes can now be dismantled into Coupons and the coupon cap is increased from 100 to 150
  • CF Europe's GP Capsules now includes a Free Crate/RP Ticket in the list of prizes, something not available in other versions. Although the chances of winning it is relatively low.


The Webmall sells Win/Loss reset and KDR reset These features are not available in game.