CrossFire JP
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Official Name

CrossFire JP


Arario (previous publisher).



Release Date

Feb 23, 2008

Closure date

March 31, 2018 (Japan time)





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CrossFire Japan was the Japanese localized version of CF for Japanese people. Originally published in 2008 by Arario (now by Playgra) and uses RioCoin as in-game cash currency.

Exclusive Features

  • Assault Girls WS and Mori WS
  • VVIP Capsule tabs, offering VVIP weapons as best prizes
  • The Mini Capsules always have 3 best pirzes, which is the main advertised one coupled with FN TPS and FAD.
  • Elite Mode.
  • Ghost Kit item.
  • Damage buff on default Knife.
  • Some "Best" prizes in the Capsule Shop are only for 90d (weapons) and 30d (characters).


  • The Webmall sells Win/Loss reset, Call-Sign change and KDR reset. These features are not available in game.


  • CF Japan is the only version that offers the M16 starting weapon temporarily through Coupon Exchange.
  • CF Japan is the only server that features anime-related merchandises, used mainly to promote related products. As such, they're exclusive to this server and cannot be found on any other servers.
  • This server employs a complex regional lock system - it's possible to connect and play outside Japan, but auto update must be done locally or players will get "unable to download version.ini" error. A VPN is required to patch CF Japan for this reason.


  • CF Japan has ended its service on March 31, 2018 most likely due to its declining player population. Before its closure, all players will receive 50,000 RioCoin for each log-in everyday until its closure date.